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No matter what your searching for or where, using a Buyers Agent to search for the perfect investment property will save you time, money and mistakes. Having access to properties before they come on the market gives you the upper hand.


How do you conduct your due-diligence? Our Buyers Agents use advanced systems to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of a range of properties. Saving you from making costly mistakes by knowing every box is ticked.


Everybody considers themselves a great negotiator, we consider ourselves the best! as professional and experienced investors ourselves, we negotiate your deal like it’s our own.


Once we’ve found the perfect deal for you, we manage the entire purchase process. Taking the hassle out of inspections, negotiations and the contract process to even helping get tenants, there’s not much left for you to do but relax!


Everything we do is to get you the best outcome

This is the most important part of the process. We spend time with you and gain as much information as possible about your situation. We discover what type of properties you should be buying or investing in, discussing locations and market performance. This helps us identify strategies and solutions that will work for you. If you’re confused about what or where to buy, the brief will help you!

Our research and knowledge of different locations plays a vital part in finding you the best property. We can identify areas that will suit your needs and perform as your investment needs to perform. You’ll rest assured knowing that our local knowledge of all the areas we work in becomes your asset.

Sourcing a range of properties that will suit your criteria is the next important step. Using your agreed selection criteria, we will source the market and contact local real estate agents to even find off market opportunities. We will then shortlist a large number of suitable properties in areas that suit your brief. We will then overview them all with you and discuss what each property would look like in your portfolio. PPI will work with real estate agents to source ‘off market’ opportunities for you prior to the agents advertising the properties for sale to the open marketplace.

On a range of shortlisted properties we will conduct full analysis’ on the properties your considering. This will include full Market Value Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Depreciation estimates, inspections, recommendations for improvements and more.

Here we determine the true market value of the property we are placing an offer on. This is done by finding suitable comparative sales and listings and providing a statement of advice to you. We will recommend what your first offer should be and what we believe is a top price you should pay for the property. We will then negotiate, based on your instructions for your preferred property. This process includes attending auctions on your behalf.

Managing the Contract & Purchase process is a very time consuming process, especially if you don’t do it often. Once an offer is accepted we work through the entire process with you and on your behalf. We view contracts and liaise with your solicitor (we can refer you to these if needed) We arrange independent building and pest inspections. Once unconditional we arrange to do a pre-settlement handover. We attend the handover on your behalf before you authorise the final settlement. Once settled we arrange a Depreciation Report and a local property manager and work with them to find a tenant and ensure the management is being handled sufficiently.

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We would love to be in contact with you to see how we can help find your dream new home or investment property.

We’re a little bit personal though! We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our clients to help achieve the best outcome possible. To do that, we love to talk to people and we will need your phone number when your contacting us. If you would like us to correspond mainly by email just let us know in the comments field, however theres nothing like a real conversation.

Were happy to submit a tender for work, however not without a conversation first. We’re different from the rest, our experience is above and beyond a typical buyers agent. whilst we can work through cyber space, we don’t want our relationship with you to be in cyber space.

So, if you’d like us to get in contact with you, we’d love to have a real conversation. Simply fill out the form on the right and we will be in contact.