A little bit about PPI Property Advice.

PPI Property Advice was born out of one of the countries leading property advisory companies, PPI Advice. As a leading Buyers Advocate, specialising in the QLD marketplace, PPI property advice provides the best acquisition solutions for all investors, developers and home buyers. We are driven by the desire to lead the market and provide the best service possible at the most affordable price.

PPI Property Advice are a team of fully qualified and experienced buyers agents. Our professionalism is one of many pillars that stands us apart from our competition, but even more importantly its our in-depth understanding of how to find properties in markets that we pride ourselves on. Whether you are wanting a property that is off market to the general population, wanting a site that may provide additional added value options, wanting help to source a small to large development site or simply looking for a long term buy and hold option, we can help! Our team are skilled, experienced and able to provide you with whatever it is you are looking for in a timely and effective manner. Why engage with an agent who only knows one way to purchase property when there are so many diverse options in today’s market to build wealth safely using property. Why not speak with one of PPIs acquisitions specialists and see how we can help you stay ahead of the herd.

We are unbiased and independent and don’t have any hidden agendas outside of your best interests to get the best results for you! Couple this with our independent property advisory division PPI Investment advice, (providing investors with bespoke property advice), you know you are in good hands!

So, no matter what you need to achieve using property, we are the experts to help you achieve it!

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PPI Property Advice's Core Values.


Relationships are the foundation to everything we do. Creating valued long term relationships with our clients, staff and business partners will take precedence over any other activity.


Excellence is paramount to achieving great results. Everything we do and empower our clients to do is to do surpass ordinary standards in order to get a better result.


Integrity should show through everything we do. Only then can we provide property investors with a truly exceptional result for the advancement of their wealth.


Transparency is the key to trust. Founded with the right relationships, we commit to being open and honest to our clients. As any business, we charge for services. We don’t see any problem with this, as long as our clients know how much and how.


Empowerment can change the lives of individuals and communities. We believe that by not just ‘doing’ but ‘showing’, we can be a part of long term solutions aiding in the the advancement of both individuals and communities financial lives.


For us to be the best, we have to be different than our competitors. We strive to have better processes and better outcomes for our clients


People are the foundation of our success. We value our staff, stakeholders, business alliances and most importantly, our clients. Without all of those people we would not be able to succeed. By putting our clients first, we believe that our business will prosper for generations to come.


Innovation is at the forefront of creating a different result than what is normal. As the Australian property market landscapes change, so must the way we invest in property in order to achieve our goals. To help our clients innovate, we too innovate as a business committed to helping our clients invest in property.

Our Experienced Team


Josh Atherton

Managing Director, PPI.


Josh’s passion for all things property stems from a ripe old age of 20 years of age when he first started investing and developing property. His constant thirst for knowledge about every element of the property industry is inherently fostered from his first experience as a real estate agent. After excelling at that he transitioned to a full time role developing property for himself and a few selected private wealth clients. After enveloping himself with the entire process and working out more efficient ways to maximise the returns for himself and his growing client base, he continued to diversify his skill base wherever possible. This experience in property advisory, development management, development construction, buying, selling and property management eventually lead him to create a solution in market for investors to take advantage of the opportunities that exist and formed PPI Advice. He now spearheads the buyers advocacy and development management divisions of the business and loves providing above average outcomes for his client base. His market knowledge, diverse relationships, negotiation skills and intimate understanding of the benefits of each site, are what clients value most.


Simon Black

Development Manager, PPI.


Simon comes from a Construction and Property background having worked as both a Contract Administrator and a Commercial Property Agent before joining PPI. He has a Bachelor of Urban Development majoring in Construction Management (honors) from QUT. Simon brings a diverse skill set and perspective to the PPI team driven by his passion for property.

Matt Wall

Managing Director, PPI

As one of the founders of PPI, Matt has extensive professional services experience and a thirst for continuing to develop his skills as a developer and avid property investor.Matt is passionate about providing a business to Australian investors that is all about knowledge and empowerment and challenging the status quo when it comes to the property investment industry! He continues to help drive PPI advice forward as the market leader in the investment advisory sector and believes vehemently that independent, unbiased advice overlayed by high ethical conduct and transparency in the way businesses works and operates with clients is the key. Fee for service is the future of the financial planning and advisory sector and will continue to separate the wheat from the chaff!

Matthew has 3 kids and enjoys golf, basketball and holidaying with his family.