Frequently Asked Questions

Heres some typical questions people ask us

This is an extremely common question. The reality is that our team of agents have the knowledge, experience and expertise to identify the best properties available at any given to suit a clients requirements. Working for the client and saving money is only one mandatory outcome that should always be achieved. We also look at other ways to provide more value which may come in the form of value one potential
Often delays can be avoided when clients understand their personal and financial situations to be able to deliver our agents a brief that articulates exactly what they want/require. Once agreed it can be a matter of weeks to deliver a number of options for you to choose from that all fit the working brief. Then once selected we can complete all due diligence, within a week and be in a position to negotiated and purchase on your behalf within 3-4 weeks. If you are requiring a new property it can be between 6-12 months from the start of the researching process through until completion of the project and handover.
We can certainly help arrange for a tenant on a property on behalf of our clients through our many business alliance referral partners across the country
We love it when our clients come and see the properties were finding for them however we know this isn't always practical. With technology as accessible as it is, we work for investors and communicate through  variety of platforms that help you make the best decision when buying your next property. Property Investors often don't see what we buy for them, so were use to this and can work in whatever way suits you.
Our buyers agents have relationships with agents all across their territories, better yet, they have a large database for each are of focus. Every time a client engages us, we send an email to thousands of agents at once telling them exactly what we are after. As agents are always out prospecting for listings, we get the heads up for what they are about to list on the market and often get the opportunity to inspect and negotiate before the property hits the open market. They let us do this because they know that our clients are serious about buying and have their finances in place.
Absolutely, the most important part of getting ready to buy is to ensure your mortgage broker is ready to go when you sign a contract. If you don't have a broker our network of brokers that deal with us span across the country. Just ask us at any time to help with this and we will get you the right broker for your needs.