Property Investment Advice

Buying an investment property? You’ve come to the right place. PPI Property Advice is partner company to PPI Investment Advice, Australia’s first full scope financial planning firm for property investors. Our Investment experience & knowledge is the benchmark in the industry. Providing full advice on the entire property investment spectrum, our team of Qualified Financial Advisers will be able to guide you on the investment path thats right for you. PPI Investment Advisers are not only qualified financial advisers, they are all expert property investors themselves. Some with passive incomes nearing the $200,000 mark every year. We’re not your typical financial planning firm where we sell you some insurance and put your assets into managed funds, our clients want property to be their focus, and we help you do that!

When investing in property its paramount to understand how your assets need to perform. We actively seek out creative investment strategies that we can recommend to you. These strategies help you increase your yield, capital growth and instant equity creation to boost your portfolio.

Some of our researched, tried and tested strategies include Splitter blocks, Duplexes, Renovations, Small Developments, granny flats, dual living and more