About Project

This site acquired in November 2015 on 607sqm of land is turning into what will be a very lucrative project for our astute client. Purchased for just under $800,000, this property sitting on LMR zoned land is forecast to return more than 20% ROI and net over $400,000 in profit upon completion. The feasibility outlines our clients intent to develop the site and to create two new rear units to complement the pre-existing queenslander at the front that will be brought to life. The front house will be having a full lift, renovation and also being built in underneath once its raised bringing back to life a very beautiful new Queenslader home. It will also net over $6000 p/a cash flow positive once the site is completed.

Project Details
  • Client : Private
  • SKills : Small Development
  • Service : Buyers Agency
  • Date : Latest
  • Category : Small Development